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Presentation from the COVAL-Lab - Episode 1

FPC Series Suction Cups

Presentation from the COVAL-Lab - Episode 1

Discover our presentation video of the FPC series suction cups, specially developed for gripping Flowpack or Doypack type packaging.


Mini vacuum gripper for gripping light and porous objects, such as protective masks, fabric or leather cut-outs

CVGM series

Mini vacuum gripper for gripping light and porous objects, such as protective masks, fabric or leather cut-outs The COVAL CVGM series mini vacuum gripper, meets applications for gripping light and porous objects, such as protective masks, fabric or leather cut-outs. next

Cardboard palletization

MVG vacuum gripper

Optimized cardboard palletization thanks to the MVG vacuum gripper with 2 independent gripping zones allowing pick and place offset and a better management of the formats to be handled..


A Cobot's Best Friend

Carbon Vacuum Gripper, CVGC Series

A Cobot's Best Friend The CVGC carbon vacuum gripper is not just an adaptation of an existing product, but a plug and play product designed 100% for various cobot models. Its design features seamlessly integrate with cobots to take advantage of their greatest strengths:
• Lightweight, (< 1 kg for the smallest model) thanks to a carbon fiber construction will conserve the cobot´s lifting capacity.
• Quick assembly and disassembly, without special tools, to promote the cobot´s versatility.
• Operator protection via a flexible peripheral foam. Compactness, with a function block housing the vacuum generator, control cartridge, vacuum switch and silencer.
• Versatility, with a foam gripping interface suitable for a range of workpieces and available in three dimensions (150 x 150 mm, 240 x 120 mm, 320 x 160 mm). next

A lightweight vacuum gripper that makes a big difference

Compact and Light Vacuum Grippers, CVGL Series

A lightweight vacuum gripper that makes a big difference
The size and weight of the new CVGL vacuum grippers from COVAL make them the lightest and most compact range in the market.
The strict regime meets the expectations of manufacturers who rely on vacuum handling technology for their products and packaging.

Controlled Vacuum Cartridges

CVPC Series : 2 functions integrated into a cartridge

Controlled Vacuum Cartridges "More speed, more flexibility, more performance", this is what manufacturers are asking of packaging machines. To meet these expectations, COVAL has launched the CVPC series, a range of vacuum cartridges which can be fully integrated into the process for greater efficiency.

The new CVPC series combines for the first time a pilot-operated solenoid valve and a single stage Venturi, all in the form of a cartridge weighing no more than 22 g.


Vacuum Rotary Union

VRU Series, provides a direct connection between the robot and the gripper

Vacuum Rotary Union The VRU Series Vacuum Rotary Union, with its robust and lightweight design, provides a direct connection between the robot and the gripper, while also allowing an external vacuum supply to the gripper.
Its continuous rotation system avoids coiling of the hose and eliminates force constraints when used with collaborative robots. next

Quick Release Device

Quick release, QR serie

Quick Release Device QR serie - Coval Economic solution developed especially for micro ejectors to respond to applications requiring a quick release back to atmospheric pressure of a vacuum network with reduced space and weight. next

FlowPack Suction Cups, FPC Series

Soft bag suction cup, FPC series (Flowpack, Doypack) FPC stands for FlowPack Cup: COVAL's new suction cup is fully dedicated to handling FlowPack packaging. A real technological breakthrough for a constantly evolving packaging method. next

Ultra-Flat, Non-Marking Suction Cups for handling easily deformed products

VPSC series: Suction Cups for Aerospace and Food industry

Ventouse plate pour matériaux composites ou l'agroalimentaire Developed through partnerships with the composite material industry, the VPSC suction cups are dedicated to the handling of raw composite.
The specific characteristics of these suction cups enable its use in other fields such as cheese handling or other fragile, easily deformed products. next

Easy Clean Vacuum Pumps for Food Industry

GVEC series : wash down applications

Easy Clean Vacuum Pumps for Food Industry

The GVEC series "Easy Clean" vacuum pumps have been designed to meet the needs of vacuum handling applications in industries whose production requires frequent cleaning, particularly in the food-processing sector.


Mini-vacuum pump with fieldbus communication, LEMCOM Series


Mini-vacuum pump with fieldbus communication, LEMCOM Series In a world where everything is connected, COVAL is innovating once more by unveiling the LEMCOM series: the first vacuum pump on fieldbus.
The best of the  technology at the service of flexibility and productivity. next

Compact, high flow vacuum pumps


Compact, high flow vacuum pumps LEMAX + and LEM + series are two new compact high flow vacuum pumps. They complement the LEM and LEMAX series used for average flow rates. next

Modular vacuum gripper, MVG series

Custom sizing from 150x150 to 1200x1000 mm

Modular vacuum gripper, MVG series

The new MVG Modular Vacuum Gripper series by COVAL is the opposite of that quote. It can be configured to be perfectly adapted to each application. 
MVG, what makes the difference
.100% configurable
.Precise vacuum administration with a "multizoning"


EJECTOR FITTINGS Compact and Robust

GVRL series

EJECTOR FITTINGS Compact and Robust Thanks to its lightness and compactness, the GVRL ejector fitting can be easily integrated onto the automated grippers. Its tough Aluminum design allows the GVRL to connect direct to the suction cup. next

Mini Vacuum Switch - Compact size

PSK series

Mini Vacuum Switch - Compact size New mini vacuum with PSK series compact size and simple installation. The PSK series adjustable mini vacuum switches enable installation to be as close as possible to the suction cups to reduce reponse times. next

Vacuum Switch 3-colour Display

PSD series

Vacuum switch 3-colour display PSD COVAL The new PSD100 series mini-vacuum switch with display offers easy reading thanks to the size of its screen and its 3-color display.
Its compactness and lightness facilitate its integration on all machines... next

Flat suction pads with cleats

VPF series

Flat suction pads with cleats Ø 15 to 50 mm, VPF series COVAL VPF series flat suction cups are recommended for handling flat, rigid and smooth products, such as cardboard, plate glass, plastic plaques or plate metal. The internal cleats avoid deformation of the... next

Integrated Mini-vacuum Pumps with ASC

LEMAX series

Mini-Vacuum pump LEMAX COVAL LEMAX is a new mini vacuum pump integrating technologies developed by COVAL for better productivity, efficiency and energy savings. It has a wide range of applications: Packaging, Robotics, Plastics. next

Suction Cups for High Speed Applications

MVS series

Suction cups for high-speed applications MVS COVAL To respond to industrial constraints in terms of gripping soft or different shaped objects at high speed, COVAL has developed a range of soft and high-output suction cups. MVS series... next

Customized Vacuum Grippers

CVG series

Vacuum grippers CVG COVAL With the CVG series, COVAL introduces the universal solution of the vacuum gripper: flexible, simple and economic.
The handling of parts with different sizes, shapes and weights is not a complex, expensive and...  next

Integrated Mini-Vacuum Pumps with ASR

LEM series

Compact mini vacuum pump LEM COVAL Traditional venturi vacuum pumps need peripheral components necessary for them to function: solenoid valves, pressure regulator, vacuum switch, blow-off circuit, electronic control, all of which penalize the size... next

High-performance Suction Cups

C series

High-performance suction cups for automotive industry C series  COVAL The C series high-performance suction cup range has been designed to meet the requirements of the automotive sector. The improved characteristics of the C series range optimize production tools in all... next

In-line micro-ejectors

CIL Series

In-line vacuum modules CIL COVAL COVAL's in-line vacuum module was designed and adapted to ensure user simplicity and performance. CIL proposes push-in fittings, three nozzle diameters (0.5, 0.7, and 0.9 mm) next

Suction cups for bottle handling

VSBO - VSBO+ Series

suction cups Loading/Unloading VSBO COVAL The VSBO bottle suction cups are designed to handle bottles from the side, by vertical and horizontal gripping next

Bags/sacks Gripping System

CSGS Series

Bag handling system CSGS COVAL The CSGS system guaranties high reliability for handling bags in diverses materials such as plastics, paper etc. which are used for packing powdered or granulated products next

Vacuum pumps High flow

GE Series

Pompe à vide grand débit pour imprimerie-graphique GE COVAL GE series vacuum pumps are capable of developing a very powerful suction flow, even at high vacuum levels, making it possible to grip porous products such as paper, cardboard or wood. next

Multi-stage vacuum pumps

CMS Series

Multi-stage ejectors CMS COVAL With its multi-stage ejectors, CMS series, COVAL proposes an adapted response to all applications which need high suction flow; like emptying of high volume tanks or handling of porous objects. next