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Mini-vacuum pump with fieldbus communication, LEMCOM Series


Mini-vacuum pump with fieldbus communication, LEMCOM Series

In a world where everything is connected, COVAL is innovating once more by unveiling the LEMCOM series: the first vacuum pump on fieldbus.

The best of the  technology at the service of flexibility and productivity.

Multitude of Innovations
. Maximum intelligence /minimal bulk
. One "master" module controls 1 to 15 secondary modules.
. Master module is a fully-integrated pump.
. Remote configuration, monitoring and diagnostics.
. Dedicated Coval bus between master and secondary modules.
. Simplified wiring and installation.
. Standard secondary modules (regardless of the type of bus).
. Additional communications port.
. Supported buses: PROFINET / EtherNet/IPTM / CANopen®...
. IP65 / M8 standard connectors.
Configuration, control and diagnostic at distance: integrated web server, configuration software..

A setting for every application.
The LEMCOM is based on an innovative, efficient product structure:
. The "master" module manages communication on the fieldbus, assures management of the "secondary" modules and is a fully-integrated vacuum pump. Its 2 communication ports enable a continuous fieldbus.
. The "secondary" modules are interconnected with the "master" module via the COVAL bus.

Contact between the "master" module and the "secondary" modules is confirmed by an M8 connecting bridge for island configurations or by a M8/M8 standard cable for configurations based on remote modules.

Advantages :
This product structure guarantees flexibility in selection, enabling use of LEMCOMs in stand-alone, island or mixed configurations. As a result, vacuum generators may be placed in close proximity to the application, guaranteeing a reduction:
. in gripping time
. in cycle time
. in energy consumption.

Because setup and diagnosis of the LEMCOM is carried out remotely, it is not necessary to install them in easily accessible zones.

 LEMCOM products range 
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