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Integration of a CVGC Series carbon vacuum gripper on a Fanuc CRX-10ia cobot

With their innovative design, Coval's CVGC carbon vacuum grippers correspond perfectly to the weight constraints, flexibility and safety of collaborative robot applications.
. Ultra-light and compact, due to their carbon design.
. Suitable for collaborative robot applications
. Fully integrated, allowing for an easy and fast installation.

Modele CVGC240X120A50C1
. Dimensions 240x120 mm
. Robot Mounting Interface ISO9409-1-50-46M6
. Electrical Connections: M8 connector - female 8-pins elbow

The CVGC Series carbon vacuum grippers, thanks to the different mounting interfaces and connectors available, can be easily integrated on all types of cobots.
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The new communicating vacuum pumps series GVMAX HD Heavy Duty from COVAL


The new communicating vacuum pumps series GVMAX HD Heavy Duty from COVAL COVAL's GVMAX HD series Heavy Duty communicating vacuum pumps are the result of many years of listening, discussions and feedback from manufacturers, integrators and users from the automotive, aerospace and packaging industries.
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Presentation from the COVAL-Lab - Episode 1

FPC Serie suction cups

Soft Suction cups, FPC Series Discover our presentation video of the FPC series suction cups, specially developed for gripping Flowpack or Doypack type packaging.

Vacuum Gripper for Masks

CVGM Series


To meet the demands of manufacturers, COVAL has developed a new vacuum gripper for gripping protective masks.

Versatile, Ultra-compact and light, the gripper is easily integrated on all types of robots.

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New official distributor in IRELAND - PSI Pneumatics & Sensors


PSI Pneumatics & Sensors IRELAND Coval is proud to welcome PSI - Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland as its new official distributor in IRELAND.
PSI will support you with all your requests regarding vacuum handling solutions. Welcome to them !!

Quick change plate System for CVGL COVAL range

News 20/07/2020

To make the maintenance easier and increase the flexibility of the CVGL gripper range, COVAL has developed a simple quick change plate system. Easy to use, the system allows end user to replace used plate or change the plate pattern or technology (foam/cups)
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Vacuum handling specifically designed for collaborative robots (Cobots)


Vacuum handling specifically designed for collaborative robots (Cobots)

Collaborative robots, or cobots as they are known in the industry, are developing rapidly, with an annual growth rate of more than 60% from 2017 to 2021* (Source Technavio). To offer solutions to this new market, Coval is launching its EOAT (End Of Arm Tools) range. The CVGC series of carbon vacuum grippers are the first product series to be launched.

As their name implies, the role of collaborative robots is to collaborate with operators. The objective is to enhance versatility, eliminate repetitive tasks, prevent MSDs and boost productivity. However, to realize their full potential, these cobots need efficient tools.


Vacuum handling components designed for frequent and vigorous washing

Wash Down range

Vacuum handling components designed for frequent and vigorous washing Good hygiene is paramount to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Manufacturing must ensure product quality and thus protect consumers against any risk. Components used near the manufactured products or which come into direct contact with them must be easily cleaned on a very regular basis.

COVAL offers a line of suction cups and vacuum pumps that can be exposed to water and humidity while maintaining a high performance level. They fully meet the strict hygiene requirements of these industries.

LEMCOM Manager: vacuum management made easy

PC software for mini-vacuum pumps with Fieldbus Communication, LEMCOM Series

LEMCOM Manager: vacuum management made easy Specially developed with vacuum handling applications in mind, LEMCOM Manager is a PC software package which allows you, in just a few clicks, to remotely setup and configure LEMCOM vacuum generators as well as run diagnostics.

Packed with numerous functions such as the import/export of parameters, vacuum cycle analysis, alarm and operation cycle monitoring, configuration help or even embedded firmware updating, LEMCOM Manager delivers agility, flexibility and availability, to meet the key requirements of the industry of the future.

The application allows all LEMCOM mini pumps to be controlled remotely over the network


SITON® range: The non marking, high temperature resistant suction pads.

Industry Solutions: Plastics

SITON Suction cups for plastic Industry. #plastic #suctioncups #coval It's been 15 years COVAL has developed the material SITON® . In addition to its non marking capacity, the new range of suction pads in SITON® offer excellent resistance to abrasion. next

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Mini Vacuum Pump on Industrial Fieldbus EtherNet/IP and CANopen

LEMCOM series

Mini Vacuum Pump on Industrial Fieldbus EtherNet/IP and CANopen LEMCOM series: mini vacuum pumps with fieldbus
. The vacuum pump simple and connected.
. Only 2 cables required for operating up to 16 units.
. Control your vacuum pump remotely


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Film directed by the Union ARTEMA, with the collaboration of members, to present the industrial solutions integrating mechatronics.
COVAL develops intelligent and compact vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps LEM, LEMAX, LEM+, LEMAX+, LEMCOM

Components for vacuum handling

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Components for vacuum handling Suction cups for high speed handling of Pick & Place, compact and economic vacuum pumps, ... discover COVAL's new vacuum handling products,

Solutions for vacuum handling

Products – Wrapping - Packaging

COVAL Solutions for vacuum handling - Products – Wrapping - Packaging

COVAL is present throughout the entire packaging line

. Sorting machine

. Cardboard forming machine

. Bag in a box

. Palletising