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Integrated Mini-Vacuum Pumps with ASR

LEM series

Compact mini vacuum pump LEM COVAL

Traditional venturi vacuum pumps must always use peripheral components indispensable for them to function: solenoid valves, pressure regulator, vacuum switch, circuit blow-off,... which penalize the size, weight and overall cost as well as complicating operations.
We appreciate, therefore, the importance of compact integration of these functions in a single complete mini-module vacuum pump.

The LEM series demonstrates COVAL's achievement: each type of function has been redesigned, optimized and miniaturized in order to be integrated into the mini-module body.

. "All-in-one" solution, no more peripherals to be added.
. Simplified installation and use thanks to the Plug & Play system
. Unmatched compactness: Installation close to suction cups: short response times and energy savings.
. No clogging, thanks to the through-type silencer.
. A LEM for every need: a wide range, with many options.
. Smart dialogue: user friendly at all stages: initial settings, operation, maintenance.

Compact Integration
. A mini module (≅ 120 g) that is easy to install close to the suction cups, reducing the volume to be evacuated: increased speed and energy savings.
. A complete module (including integrated pressure regulator and clog-free silencer ), therefore not requiring any additional function or connection.

Air Saving Regulator (ASR)

The LEM vacuum pumps, which integrate an ASR "venturi regulator" combination, maintain ideals that COVAL values greatly: reducing both compressed air consumption and noise generation.
Regardless of pressure supplied by the compressed air network, the integrated regulator feeds the venturi at 3.5 bar pressure, optimal for its operation.
. No more unnecessary energy consumption (40% Energy savings).
. No external regulator required and thus the risk of inadvertent misadjustment is eliminated.

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