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Controlled Vacuum Cartridges

CVPC Series : 2 functions integrated into a cartridge

Controlled Vacuum Cartridges CVPC Series COVAL CVPC from Coval: a vacuum cartridge responding directly to users' requirements

"More speed, more flexibility, more performance", this is what manufacturers are asking of packaging machines. To meet these expectations, COVAL has launched the CVPC series, a range of vacuum cartridges which can be fully integrated into the process for greater efficiency.The new CVPC series combines for the first time a pilot-operated solenoid valve and a single stage Venturi, all in the form of a cartridge weighing no more than 22 g.

Its "all-in-one" design, compactness and lightweight are features exclusive to COVAL. These patented new vacuum cartridges offer all the advantages expected by manufacturers, integrators and users:
Performance, achieved through the combined solenoid valve and single stage Venturi in an ultra-compact unit. The cartridges can be placed close to the suction cups, eliminating any loss of vacuum pressure and guaranteeing an instantaneous grip.
Flexibility of implementation, because the cartridge is designed to be easily integrated in any type of tool.
Maintenance-free, thanks to the venturi's single-stage construction which makes the cartridge dust-resistant.

An Innovation with a Reputation
This idea, a result of constant dialogue between COVAL and its customers, is a genuine summary of the added value COVAL brings to manufacturers: practical, agile solutions which translate directly into productivity gains. This was confirmed by the first customer applications, under real production conditions in the food packaging sector.

FrenchFab in Action
The CVPC series of vacuum cartridges complements the COVAL range of vacuum pumps, suction cups and accessories for vacuum handling designed for packaging applications. The series was developed by COVAL's own design department and is manufactured in Montélier, France, underlining COVAL's commitment to the French Fab initiative..

What Makes the Difference:

A wide range to allow to perfectly adapt to each application:
• Size 1: nozzle Ø 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 mm generating a suction flow rate ranging from 41 to 90 NI/min. Max. vacuum 85%
• Size 2 : nozzle Ø 2.2 and 2.7 mm generating a suction flow rate ranging 160 to 215 Nl/min. Max. vacuum 85%

• Integrated pilot-operated solenoid valve reduces response times
• Single-stage venturi for improved evacuation time

Ease of Use
• Minimal space requirement for installation at the center of the process
• Maintenance-free
• Simple connection with an M8 connector

• Pick and place
• Packaging

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