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High-performance Suction Cups

C series

High-performance suction cups for automotive industry C series  COVAL

The C Series high-performance suction cup range has been designed to meet the requirements of the automotive sector.

The improved characteristics of the C Series range optimizes production tools in all branches of activity.
The COVAL C Series vacuum cups have been specially designed for high speed robot applications due to their high resistance to slipping and acceleration, as well as their reduced weight.

The C Series vacuum cups are dedicated to handling sheet metal, glass, and plastics in operations such as Stamping, BIW, Glass, and Assembly.

Discover the C Series high-performance suction cup.


 Extreme resistance to slipping and acceleration.
 A full range of shapes and sizes to meet every requirement.
 2 suction cup materials available depending on the model
   (Nitrile or Siton®).
 Non-slip cleats ensure optimum positioning of oily metal sheets.
 Ideal for automated applications.
 Rigid central stopper with integrated cleats allows gripping of thin sheet metal without any deformation.
 Lightweight polyamide fittings allow for better integration on end-of-arm tooling.
 Airtight sealing lips.
 Airtight fittings using:
   - O-rings on G3/8" male cylindrical suction cups and 32 square suction cups
   - Sealing ring on all oblong 3/8" male suction cups.
 Visual wear indicator.
 Double tightening: external with 22 mm wrench or internal with 6 or 8 mm hex key.


The C Series high performance vacuum cups are available in a full range of shapes, dimensions and connections in order to meet all your needs in the most appropriate way.




• Suction Cups

NBR nitrile 55 Shore A
   - High resistance to oils and supports peak temperatures up to 100°C (212°F).
   - Colors: gray for suction cups with polyamide fittings, and blue-green for suction cups with aluminum fittings.

STNV6 Siton® 60 Shore A
   - High resistance to oils, supports peak temperatures up to 160°C (320°F) and features excellent abrasion resistance. - Color: green.

• Fittings


   - Polyamide filled with fiberglass (PA 6.6 30% FG), ensures weight savings, avoids risk of deterioration of expensive tools, and facilitates suction cup recycling. (fitting M38G/F38G).


   - Aluminum (M38GA/F38GA/C32 Fitting).

O-ring: NBR Nitrile Blue.

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