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Cardboard palletization

MVG vacuum gripper

Optimized cardboard palletization thanks to the MVG vacuum gripper with 2 independent gripping zones allowing pick and place offset and a better management of the formats to be handled.

Customized Solution
Thanks to their high degree of modularity, they provide the optimal handling solution for products of varied sizes, shapes and weights.

Standard Customization
The modular design, in standard variations, of the MVG series vacuum grippers gives it a high degree of flexibility with regards to format, gripping interface and vacuum pump, to respond perfectly to application requirements. Furthermore, to optimize production cycles and palletization planning, MVG grippers can be equipped with several independent gripping zones (multi-zone), ensuring multiple or staggered gripping/release points.

Customized formats
 Compact and lightweight
 Adaptation to products
 Adaptation to installation
 Simple to install and use
 Readily available
 COVAL service

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