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VSP series, 2.5 Bellows suction cup, Ø 14mm, Translucent Silicone 60 Shore A
ref. : VSP14SIT6
type of product (typp) suction cup
Diameter (ØA) 14mm
Suction cup stroke (f) 9mm
material (mat) Translucent Silicone
Shore Hardness (DS) 60Shore A
Height (H) 19mm
Maximum vacuum (mv%) 90%
Suction cup type (tve) round
form (form) 2.5 Bellows
Suction Cup Properties
(1) f = Deflection of the suction cup.
(2) Non-toxic red silicone
Barbed Fittings
Note: All dimensions are in mm.
The values represent the average characteristics of our products.
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