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Compact and Light Vacuum Grippers, CVGL Series
With the CVGL series, COVAL introduces a universal solution to the vacuum gripper: flexible, simple and economical. Handling parts of various sizes, shapes and weights is no longer a
complex, costly and time-consuming task.
With a single CVGL module, easily integrated into the process, the user can simply and safely perform random gripping of assorted parts.

The CVGL series is composed of standard subassemblies which allow us to offer a "tailor-made" solution, meeting the specific application requirements of integrators and end users:
. Compact
. Lightweight
. Integrated functions
. Modularity
. Performance
. Ease of use
. Universal mounting

Choose your CVGL using the 3D configurator below
A Complete System
Simply configure your CVGL vacuum gripper :
1 light and robust aluminium profile
1 universal mounting system
3 standard lengths (424, 624, 824mm)
3 suction levels
3 gripping interface technologies
3 standard hole/cup patterns
3 flow control technologies
2 control versions (vacuum and blow-off)
2 solutions for vacuum display
+ The Vacuum Manager experience of COVAL
CVGL vacuum grippers can create independent gripping zones, guaranteeing optimization of vacuum management (increased vacuum level, reduced leaks and energy consumption).
. Staggered grip/release points.
. Management of formats to be handled.
. Pallet Layer Optimization.
. Simple or multiple grip/release points.

As each multi-zone application is different, we will work with you to determine the best configuration for your process.
Ultra-light and compact design
The main design objective of the new CVGL vacuum gripper was to minimize space and weight, while maintaining a highly modular configuration, meeting the needs of robotic applications.

Thanks to COVAL's new aluminium profile, the CVGL vacuum grippers fully meet this objective. The ultra-thin profile allows for easy integration on robots.
This new profile integrates the vacuum connections on the upper part, which provides greater compactness, as well as a T-slot on the side for mounting additional accessories (sensors,...).

The technologies and materials used in the design of the CVGL vacuum gripper considerably reduce the on-board weight. This makes the CVGL the benchmark in its field, allowing smaller robots to be used, increasing accelerations and thus optimizing the installation in order to achieve savings.
The CVGL series vacuum grippers offer a single solution for the handling of products in multiple industrial sectors:
. Packaging
. Plastics
. Metal
. Glass
. Concrete/stone
. Composites
. Wood…

The adaptability and the flexibility of COVAL CVGL Series vacuum grippers respond to numerous robotic applications.
Branch-specific applications
Types of use
3D Model

To generate the 3D file in the required format, we use the TRACEPARTS platform. To download the file, please use your TRACEPARTS username and password.