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Closed cells Foam Strips, BM series
The foam ring is designed for gripping products with an uneven or ridged surface, e.g.:
• Sawn wood, sheet metal, flat surfaces with bumps or hollows.
• All granular surfaces to which suction pads cannot adhere correctly and are therefore not airtight.
COVAL offers two types of foam strips: the BM series rolls and the VSBM series ring version.

BM-SPTR version: Nitrile beveled foam strip
• Nitrile (NBR - Black): Good resistance to oil. The nitrile foam strip can only be glued to nitrile suction cups. Closed cells.

• Silicone (SI - White): Heat-resistant up to 160°C (320°F), does not leave marks on products handled. Do not use the silicone foam strip for gripping products before painting or lacquering.
Closed cells.

• Natural rubber (NR) : Abrasion resistance. Open cells. Use with turbine (strong suction) for gripping products with very uneven surfaces, such as slabs of washed gravel.
Nitrile foam strip :
Mounting with contact adhesive or fl ush-mounted at a depth adapted to the height and potential fl ush-mounting of the seal subject to the vacuum: 50% to 70% of the new height.
All supports, particularly steel, aluminum, etc.
Tube of neoprene adhesive (120 ml): Part No. 095.99.006.

Silicone foam strip:
Mounting with silicone contact adhesive (reference: LOCTITE 5366)

Natural rubber foam strip:
reference A
A (mm)
B (mm)

BM1010 10 10
BM1510 15 10
BM1515 15 15
BM2020 20 20
BM2020SPTR 20 20
BM3020SPTR 20 30
BM3030 30 30
BM3030SPTR 30 30
BM5050 50 50
BMS3025 30 25