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Modular Vacuum Grippers, MVG Series
COVAL’s MVG series vacuum grippers correspond perfectly to the expectations of integrators and users: thanks to their high degree of modularity, they provide the optimal handling solution for products of varied sizes, shapes and weights.
With a single MVG gripper, easily integrated into the process, the user can carry out single or multiple grips of diverse products, both simply and safely.

. Customized formats
. Compact and lightweight
. Adaptation to products
. Multi-zone
. Adaptation to installation
. Simple to install and use
. Readily available
. COVAL service

Choose your MVG using the 3D configurator below
MVG vacuum grippers can create independent gripping zones, guaranteeing optimization of vacuum management (increased vacuum level, reduced leaks and energy consumption).
. Staggered grip/release points.
. Management of formats to be handled.
. Pallet Layer Optimization.
. Simple or multiple grip/release points.
MVG series vacuum grippers offer a unique solution for handling products in different industrial sectors:
. Packaging
. Plastics
. Metal
. Glass
. Concrete/stone
. Carbon
. Wood
Branch-specific applications
Types of use
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