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Needle Vacuum Gauge, VAF 111 series
VAF111 series vacuum gauges are recommended for visually checking the vacuum level for maintenance, monitoring and adjustment purposes.
They are mounted, as options, on the GVP modular vacuum pump series, ref. GVO VAF11140.

. 3 diameters: 40, 50 and 63 mm
. Zone for use printed red and green

Option: as per quantity, possibility of customized dial.
. Damping: By silicone movement - Patented
. Ring: Chrome
. Measuring: Bourdon tube in CuSn
. Precision: cl.2.5 (± 2.5% of max. scale value)
. Housing: Black ABS
. Temperature: 0 to 60°C / 32 to 140°F
. Flush-mounting: Ring included in the delivery
reference dimension
D (mm)
Measuring range
VAF11140 40 0/-1b
VAF11150 50 0/-1b
VAF11163 63 0/-1b