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Bottle Suction Cup, VSBO+ series, 4.5 Bellows, dimension 40x92 mm, Nitrile, reinforcements D6P, mounting distance 45mm
ref. : VSBO4095CNBRD6PX45
form (form) 4.5 Bellows
Suction cup type (tve) oblong
type of product (typp) suction cup
type of product (typp) suction cup
Suction cup type (tve) oblong
dimension (D) 40x92
Suction cup stroke (f) 35.5
Tensile force (Ft) 158
Slipping force (Fg) 83
material (mat) Nitrile
Renforts (Ren) D6P
mounting distance (E-a fix) 45
internal volume (vi) 112,5
Weight (Mas) 120
Suction Cup Properties
(1) Force measured at 65% on dry and smooth bottles without safety factor.
(2) f = Suction cup deflection.