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Suction Cups for Bottle Handling with Sensing Valve, VSBO / VSBO+ series
Designed for gripping 750 ml bottles, the VSBO and VSBO+ suction cups are available with a new sensing valve (V3 version) ensuring an airtight vacuum network if a bottle is missing. This new technology gives a greater sensitivity in opening the valve and placing the suction cup under vacuum once contact is made with bottle.
The VSBO suction cups with sensing valve are include one upper stainless steel insert, 4 stainless steel reinforcements in the bellows and a trigger plate in POM to increase the traction force while offering a large
stroke and flexibility for box filling and emptying applications.
Advantages of the Sensing Valve
The sensing valve opens when pressure is exerted on the suction cup by a lower reinforcement called the "trigger plate".
. No loss of stroke for the suction cup when placed under vacuum
. Valve adjustment from under the suction cup
. Immediate vacuum action from the first pressure
. Elimination of auto-suction cup phenomenon on release
. No vacuum loss in the event a bottle is absent

Vacuum switch connection
The VSBO and VSBO+ suction cups with sensing valve (45mm center to center distance) has a Ø 5 mm enabling a vacuum switch connection or a blow-off.
. Upper insert: Stainless steel
. 4 internals reinforcements: Stainless steel
Suction cup: NBR - Nitrile
Sensing valve
. Pin: Nylon
. Cone: Aluminum
. O-ring: Nitrile
. Trigger plate: POM
. Reinforcements: Stainless steel
. Spring: Stainless steel
Mounting options
The VSBO suction cups (VSBO4095..) have 3 mounting center distances (30, 40 and 45 mm) to select while ordering.
The VSBO+ suction cups (VSBO4095C..) have 2 mounting center distances. They include an integrated seal to simplify the mounting.
Branch-specific applications
Types of use
reference dimension
D (mm)
Tensile force
Ft (N)
Slipping force
Fg (N)
Suction cup stroke
f (mm)
VSBO4095CH330 40x95 158 83 34 Nitrile
VSBO4095CH340 40x95 158 83 34 Nitrile
VSBO4095CH345 40x95 158 83 34 Nitrile
VSBO4095CNBRCH3 40x95 158 83 35.5 Nitrile
VSBO4095CNRCH3 40x95 158 83 35.5 Natural Rubber
VSBO4095NRCH330 40x95 158 83 34 Natural Rubber
VSBO4095NRCH340 40x95 158 83 34 Natural Rubber
VSBO4095NRCH345 40x95 158 83 34 Natural Rubber