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Self-regulating Vacuum Pumps (electric vacuum and blow-off control), GVMAXV2-2 series
. Nozzle Ø : 2.5 mm
. Maximum vacuum : 90%
. Suction power : up to 200 Nl/min
. Vacuum regulation function
. M12 connection

With GVMAXV2-2 and GVMAXV2-2R, COVAL offers two solutions on a single standard electrical GVMAX base pump.
These pumps offer an ‘all in one solution’ by integrating all the necessary functions, pilots, valves, vacuum regulation, blow-off, object presence thanks to vacuum switch and silencer in a compact and light weight single module.
The M12 connecters radically simplify the installation and utilization. They are available in two versions and compatible with the safety of the automat:
• GVMAXV2-2: Non-adjustable vacuum switch (factory settings)
• GVMAXV2-2R : Adjustable vacuum switch
In comparison to the standard GVMAX the two pumps GVMAXV2-2 et GVMAXV2-2R offer the following advantages:
• Security: vacuum generation in case of electrical failure by in coming electro valve for feed pressure through normally open function (24VCC)
• Controlled and powerful blow-off system.
• Data processing circuit (connection cable)
• Connection by 2 male 5 pin M12 connectors, (Input/ Output)
• Compatible with the safety automat
• Base body: Aluminum (AU 4 PB)
• Valve body: POM (black polyacethal)
• Silencer: Black PC with felt internal element
• Vacuum switch: PA66, PC, brass, NBR seal
• Electric wiring: PA66
• Screw: Zinc-plated steel
• Inside parts: Brass; Aluminum; Desmopan
• Seals: NBR (nitrile)
• Membrane: NBR (nitrile) with nylon substrate.
Branch-specific applications
    Protective Housing, GVOMAXV2 series
  • Serie C
    High-performance Suction Cups, C series
  • L series
    Mounting Extensions with adjustable stroke, L series
  • NV
    Vacuum Feeders, NVS - NVR - NVA series
    Screwed Vacuum Fittings with O-ring, RDV - RCOV - Y series
reference Nozzle diameter
Ø (mm)
Maximum vacuum
mv% (%)
Air drawn in
aa (Nl/min)
Mas (g)
GVMAXV2-2 2.5 90 200 550
GVMAXV2-2R 2.5 90 200 550