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Self-regulating Vacuum Pumps (electric vacuum and blow-off control), GVMAX E1 series
. Nozzle Ø : 2.5 mm
. 3 levels of vacuum : 50% - 75% - 90%
. Suction flow rate : up to 360 Nl/min
. Vacuum regulation function

Communication between both elements, electronic vacuum switch and gripping valve control, allows compressed air consumption to be regulated, and in particular significantly reduced. This range of vacuum pumps is strongly recommended for gripping airtight objects, holding, and for medium or long cycles. Electrically controllable blow-off is integrated for release.
Operating Principle
When the selected vacuum level is reached, the compressed air supply stops. This interruption does not have any effect as the non-return valve maintains the vacuum and thus the grip. The vacuum switch continually analyzes the vacuum requirements. As soon as the minimum threshold is reached, it activates the vacuum generation valve to return to the pre-set value.
The GVMAX E1 has a non-return valve installed as standard which enables it to maintain the vacuum within the circuit if there is a power failure. This function guarantees maximum safety conditions for operators during handling.
Supply : Non-lubricated fi ltered air, 2 to 6 bar, optimum at 4 bar
Temperature : 0 to 60 °C
Contact output : PNP switching output NO or NC, adjustable hysteresis
Anti-parasite function : Integrated with display LED
Suction rate : Adjusted by fl ow restrictor
Configurations d'une pompe
Level of vacuum :
X : Maximum vacuum 50%
T : Maximum vacuum 75%
N : Maximum vacuum 90%

Silencer :
S : Diffuser
K : Through
reference Nozzle diameter
Ø (mm)
Maximum vacuum
mv% (%)
Air drawn in
aa (Nl/min)
Mas (g)
GVMAXNK14E1 2.5 90 200 510
GVMAXNS14E1 2.5 90 200 510
GVMAXTK14E1 2.5 75 240 510
GVMAXTS14E1 2.5 75 240 510
GVMAXXK14E1 2.5 50 360 510
GVMAXXS14E1 2.5 90 200 510