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Pilot Control Cartridge, CBP Series
. Pilot solenoid valve
. Type 2/2
. Nominal flow rate at 6 bar Δp1: 355 Nl/min
. Nominal diameter: 3 mm
. M8 connections
. Control indicator light
. Weight: 18 g

By means of a cylindrical cartridge design and an M8 connector, the CBP series pilot control cartridge easily fulfills the function of a compressed air control valve with an electric control
installed as close as possible to where it is needed, and thus meeting the requirements of multiple applications.

The CBP Series pilot control cartridge is complementary to the CVPC Series controlled vacuum cartridges for its controlled blow-off function or, when combined with the CVP Series vacuum cartridges, for remote control and/or multi-cartridge control. It is easy to install and meets the needs of machine manufacturers and of integrators of robotic solutions in terms of flexibility and performance.

Use cases:
. Electro-pneumatic control valve 2/2-way.
. Blow-off control valve
. Single and multi-cartridge control valve.
. Ultra-light and compact cartridge design allows for great flexibility and easy integration.
. Pilot solenoid valve 2/2-way.
. Control indicator light.
. M8 connector.
Compact integration
The innovative and patented design of the CBP Series controlled blow-off / multi-cartridge control valve includes an electro-pneumatic valve that controls the compressed air, providing great reactivity and thus a very short response time.
Overall characteristics
. C.A. supply 5μ filtered, non-lubricated air relevant to standard ISO8573-1:2010 [4:5:4].
. Operating pressure: 2.5 to 7 bar.
. Electrical degree of protection: IP40.
. Control voltage: 24 V DC (regulated ±10%).
. Current drawn: 35 mA (0.84 W).
. Maximum operating frequency: 4 Hz.
. Endurance: 30 million cycles.
. Type of control mechanism: spring return leak valve controlled by an electromagnet.
. Response time for opening/closing: 20/30 ms.
. Weight: 18 g.
. Operating temperature: from 0 to 50 °C.
. Materials: PA 6-6 15 % GF, brass, aluminum, NBR.
Branch-specific applications
CAD drawing
reference Type
flow rate
flow rate (Nl/min)
Nominal diameter
Dn (mm)
CBP300 2/2 355 3 1 x M8 - 4 pin