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Mini multi-stage vacuum pump without control, CMSM_NVO_
COVAL's multi-stage mini vacuum pumps CMSM__NVO combine performance, robustness and modularity.

Equipped with a multi-stage venturi system, the CMSM__NVO vacuum pumps ensure powerful suction flows and high consumption/performance efficiency, promoting energy savings.

The modular design of the CMSM__NVO enables to target interventions on each of its elements, reducing both costs and response times.
• Robust: resistant to the harsh environments of production lines
• High performance: optimized multi-stage Venturi system that guarantees powerful suction flow rates and reduced compressed air consumption.
• Modular: configurable according to needs and easy maintenance.
Main Specifications
• 80% vacuum
• 2 powerful suction flow rates:
CMSM90X15__ : 300 Nl/min
CMSM90X30__ : 550 Nl/min

• 2 exhaust configurations
Through-type silencer: CMSM___K version
Exhaust collector: CMSM___E version

• Degree of protection: IP40
• Endurance: 30 million cycles.
reference Air drawn in
aa (Nl/min)
Maximum vacuum
mv% (%)
Air consumed
ca (Nl/min)
operating pressure
op (bar)
CMSM90X15NVOG2E 300 80 150 5 Exhaust collector
CMSM90X15NVOG2K 300 80 150 5 Through-type silencer
CMSM90X30NVOG2E 550 80 280 5 Exhaust collector
CMSM90X30NVOG2K 550 80 280 5 Through-type silencer