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CVPC Controlled Vacuum Cartridge , 85% max.vacuum, 1.2 mm nozzle ID, vacuum controlled 24V DC NC, 1 x M8 connector 4 pins, with Trough-type Silencer
ref. : CVPC90X12K
type of product (typp) venturi
Nozzle diameter (Ø) 1.2mm
Air drawn in (aa) 41Nl/min
Air consumed (ca) 70Nl/min
Connection (Cx) 1 x M8 - 4 pin
Option (Opt) Silencer
Maximum vacuum (mv%) 85%
at air pressure (ap) 5bar
Evacuation time in seconds per liter
Dimensions and electrical connections
Pneumatic diagram
Mounting accessories (Option)
The CVPC controlled vacuum cartridges offer two mounting solutions.
Through-type silencers (option K)
. Lateral noise absorption on sound-absorbing material.
. Unrestricted exhaust without pressure loss or clogging.
. Average sound attenuation of 20 dBA.
Silencer for CVPC size 1 (CVPC90X12K/CVPC90X14K/CVPC90X16K)
Silencer for CVPC size 2 (CVPC90X22K/CVPC90X27K)
3D Model

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