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Carbon Vacuum Gripper, 150X150 mm, Foam gripping interface, Mounting interface Ø63 mm (ISO 9409-1-63.5-4-M6), Electrical connection Molex connector 8-pins
ref. : CVGC 150X150 A63 C6
dimension (D) 150 x 150mm
Robot Mounting interface (Fix) ISO 9409-1-63-4-M6
Connection (Cx) Molex connector 8-pins
Weight () 0.99KG
Maximum load (Ch.m) 30KG
Air consumed (ca) 135Nl/min
Air drawn in (aa) 90Nl/min
Note :
Indicative force for a vacuum gripper with foam interface covered 100% by the load, including a safety factor of 2 for horizontal handling and rigid, airtight surface.
ISO 9409-1 Robot Mounting Interface
Electrical Connections
General Characteristics
Supply: non-lubricated air, 5 microns filtered, according to ISO
8573-1:2010 [4:5:4].
• Operating pressure: from 5 to 6 bar
• Optimal pressure:
−CVGC150x150 / CVGC 320x160: 5.5 bar
−CVGC240x120: 6 bar
• Maximum vacuum: 85%.
• Vacuum command light: orange LED
• Electric protection grade: IP40
• Control voltage: 24 V DC +/-10%
• Vacuum control: 24 V DC PNP/NPN
• Power consumption: 65 mA (no load)
• The switching type of the inputs / outputs is configurable to
• Outputs:
−1 x “Vacuum level” signal analogic 1 to 5 V DC (depending on
robot model, see “Electrical Connections” section)
−1 x “Gripped product” switching output 24 V DC PNP/NPN
NO or NC (125 mA max.)
• Service life: 30 million cycles
• Operating temperature: from 0 to 50° C.
• Materials:
−Gripper: carbon, PA 6.6 15% FG, brass, stainless steel, PETP.
−Valve: aluminum, steel, NBR.
−Foam gripping interface: EPDM.
• Noise level:
−CVGC 150x150: 72 dBA
−CVGC 240x120: 71 dBA
−CVGC 320x160: 66 dBA
3D Model

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