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CMS M Series, Controlled multi-stage mini vacuum pump, max. vacuum 80%, suction flow rate 550 Nl/min, 24 V DC NO vacuum control and NC blow-off control, one M12 4-pin connector, with through-type silencer
ref. : CMSM90X30VVOC14PG2K
type of product (typp) Venturi
Air drawn in (aa) 550Nl/min
Maximum vacuum (mv%) 80%
Air consumed (ca) 280Nl/min
Generator Control (PG) NO/NC
Exhaust (Ech) Through-type silencer
Weight (Mas) 330g
Connection (Cx) 1 x M12-4 pin
operating pressure (op) 5.5bar
1 = 4 mounting holes Ø 4.5 mm
2 = vacuum switch connection G1/8"-F with plug

Note: all dimensions are in mm.
Exhaust options - Dimensions
Performance Determined by CMS M Model
Vacuum Control
Model CMSM__V: Vacuum pump with NO vacuum control and NC blow-off
In the event of power failure, vacuum is still generated: object is held in place => fail-safe.
In the event of compressed air failure, the vacuum is no longer maintained.
. NO vacuum control solenoid valve.
. NC blow-off control solenoid valve.
Electrical Connections
(1) 24 V DC suction command, depending on version:
- S: 24 V DC vacuum control.
- V: 24 V DC vacuum off command.
3D Model

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