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VACUOGRIP VGH - Horizontal vacuum lifting devices

Horizontal handling of sheets from 100 to 1000 kg

vacuum handling of flat sheet metal, VACUOGRIP COVAL VGH  series - vacuum lifting beam

The VACUOGRIP VGH range of vacuum lifting devices is COVAL's standard response to the need for handling smooth and sealed loads (sheets, panels, etc.) by a single operator.

Easy to use, they are distinguished by their reliability and robustness, and are available in electric or pneumatic versions, in 4, 6 or 8 suction cups.

VACUOGRIP vacuum lifting devices are specifically designed for the following applications: 

■ Palletizing and depalletizing
■ Feeding machinery
■ Unloading conveyors


The ideal solution for handling sheet metal without deformation or marks.

Lifting capacity

Horizontal vacuum lifting devices, VGH Series

the vacuum lifting devices COVAL, VACUOGRIP, VGH series have a lifting capacity from 100 to 1000 kg depending on the model.


The vacuum lifting devices COVAL, VACUOGRIP VGH seriescomply with the machine directives 2006/42/EC, low voltage 2014/35/EU and EN 13155.

The VACUOGRIP, VGH series line includes the following safety features:
■ Vacuum tank in main beam
■ Check valve
■ Vacuum gauge with red/green operating ranges, pointer indicates the vacuum level in suction cups 
■ Warning Alarm in case of power cut or drop of vacuum level 
■ Power on indicator
■ 2 red “Release” buttons that force the user to use both hands
According to your applications and needs, additional features can be selected from the Option Packs.


COVAL vacuum lifting devices comply with the EU Machinery 2006/42/EC and Low voltage 2014/35/EU directives as well as with European standard EN 13155.

The VACUOGRIP VGH in detail

Packs are available to configure your VACUOGRIP

Horizontal vacuum lifting device, VACUOGRIP COVAL series VGH. Diagram showing the different ergonomic or safety options


Diagram of a COVAL, VACUOGRIP VGH series horizontal vacuum lifting device (dimensions - adjustments)



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