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VACUOGRIP, a full range vacuum lifting devices, which are dedicated to handling heavy loads from 100 to 1,000 kg

VGH Series - VGR Series

Suction pads for sheet metal, VACUOGRIP COVAL series
The VACUOGRIP line of vacuum lifting devices is COVAL’s standard product addressing such needs as horizontal handling and 90° tilting of smooth and non-porous loads by a single operator.
They are easy to use, benefit from outstanding reliability and all-round ruggedness, and are available in electric and pneumatic versions.
VACUOGRIP vacuum lifting devices are specifically designed for the following applications:
■ Palletizing and depalletizing
■ Feeding machinery
■ Unloading conveyors


■ Fast and easy to implement
■ Humanizes the most strenuous physical labour
■ Productivity gains
■ Loads can be handled by a single operator
■ Will not cause any deterioration of handled loads
■ Improves working conditions
■ Easy to use
■ Quick return on investment
■ Complies with EC directives


Vacuum lifting device for vacuum handling of metal sheets - COVAL-VACUOGRIP Series Using VACUOGRIP vacuum lifting devices allows you to improve working conditions by reducing operator fatigue and accidents for all operations involving horizontal handling of sheet metal weighing up to 1,000 kg and 90° tilting of sheets weighing up to 500 kg.


COVAL VACUOGRIP series vacuum lifting devices comply with the machine directives 2006/42/CE, low voltage 2014/35/EU and EN 13155.
The VACUOGRIP line includes the following safety features:
■ Vacuum tank in main beam
■ Check valve
■ Vacuum gauge with red/green operating ranges, pointer indicates the vacuum level in suction cups
■ Warning Alarm in case of power cut or drop of vacuum level 
■ Power on indicator
■ 2 red “Release” buttons that force the user to use both hands
According to your applications and needs, additional features can be selected from the Option Packs.


COVAL vacuum lifting devices comply with the EU Machinery 2006/42/EC and Low voltage 2014/35/EU directives as well as with European standard EN 13155.

The VACUOGRIP in detail

Suction cup spreader for flat handling of metal VACUOGRIP VGH - COVAL series


The lifting devices COVAL, VACUOGRIP-Series Vacuum lifters are available in electric or pneumatic version
VACUOGRIP vacuum lifting devices are available in electric and pneumatic versions for optimal integration in the handling workstation.

The vacuum is generated by a single-stage venturi equipped with a silencer.
■ Supply: non-lubricated air, filtered to 5 microns, according to standard ISO 8573-1:2010 [4:5:4].
■ Operating pressure: 6 to 7 bar.
■ Flow rate: 7.5 m3/h.
■ Air consumption: 3.2 l/s at 5 bar.
■ VGR version: pneumatic cylinder.
■ PK3 version: The venturi is equipped with a vacuum control function to reduce energy consumption.
■ P3 version: The lifting device features a water trap for handling applications in wet environments.
The vacuum is generated by a dry rotary vane vacuum pump.
■ Flow rate: 8 m3/h.
■ Available voltages:
- Three-phase 230 V (2.35 A – 370 W) 
- Three-phase 400 V (1.35 A – 370 W) 
- Single-phase 230 V (3.9 A – 350 W)
■ VGR version: electric cylinder.
A lubricated rotary vane pump (three-phase 400 V voltage) + water trap version is available (version E3) for handling applications in wet environments, wherein the presence of water may damage the pump.

Number of suction cups

VACUOGRIP COVAL, horizontal vacuum lifting devices are available with 4, 6 or 8 suction cups. VACUOGRIP vacuum lifting devices are available in versions equipped with 4, 6 and 8 suction cups in order to best match the dimensions and thickness of the sheet metal to be handled and ensure an optimal grip without any risk of deforming or damaging the loads.

Lifting capacity


Lifting capacities of VACUOGRIP COVAL vacuum lifting devices, Series VGH for horizontal handling of sheets from 100 to 1000 kg or Series VGR for 90° swivelling of panels from 100 to 500 kg

General features

- Frame: machine-welded steel
- Beams: steel
- Clamps: steel
- Powder-coated epoxy paint for industrial environments

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