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MVS Seires, Soft & Flexible Suction Cups

Suction Cup FPC for High speed gripping flowpack


Ligne d'emballage - Formeuse de caisse américaine - Palettisation

Composants pour le vide et caissons à vide

Préhension haute cadence de produits emballés.

120 coups/mn - ventouse MVS 20 1.5 SIB

Modular Vacuum Grippers, MVG Series

Palletizing robot equipped with a COVAL suction cups vacuum gripper, MVG series for gripping the different sizes of cardboard. Robot integration realized by LM AUTOMATISMOS. Video realized at HISPACK Barcelona 2015.

Modular Vacuum Gripper MVG series with COVAL-flex interface

Soft package gripping

Soft package handling with MVS202.5SIB suction cups.

CVG vacuum gripper : Cardboard palettization

Robotized end-of-line suction cup grippers

Pick & Place - packed sausages

High speed handling of packed sausages. MVS302.5SIB suction cups

CSGS series, sack gripper

Vacuum gripper for handling plastic or paper sacks, with vacuum pump

Demonstration at the CFIA salon in France

COVAL CVG vacuum gripper and Kuka robot

CVG vacuum gripper

Robotized cardboard palettization

Robotized palettization

CVG vacuum grippers

Pick & Place

MVS series soft and flexible suction cups

Cardboard forming machine

VSA series in natural rubber, 1.5 bellows suction cups and VR series ejector fittings.

Cardboard sheet gripper

Cardboard sheet gripper on automated system.

Cardboard palettization

CVG series robot equipped with a vacuum gripper with foam layer, for cardboard handling, multi-format.