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Carbon vacuum gripper CVGC series integrated on a Fanuc CRX-10ia Cobot


Suction Cups Vacuum Gripper for Robots, CVGL Series, designed for collaborative robots

Carbon Vacuum Gripper for Cobot, CVGC Series

Video presentation

Carbon Vacuum Gripper, CVGC Series By COVAL COBOT UR10e

Universal Robot UR10e robot equipped with the new COVAL carbon vacuum gripper, CVGC series. Ultra-light and compact

Yumi Cobot equipped with 2 vacuum gripping tools

COVAL vacuum gripping at the service of collaborative robots (YUMI ABB Cobots). Carbon vacuum gripper, CVGC series in one hand and in the other a gripping tool equipped with a CVPC controlled vacuum cartridge with a FlowPack suction cup, FPC series.