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Vacuum Switch 3-colour Display

PSD series

Vacuum switch 3-colour display PSD COVAL

The new PSD100 series mini-vacuum switch with display offers easy reading thanks to the size of its screen and its 3-color display.
Its compactness and lightness facilitate its integration on all machines.

Easily adjustable, it is equipped with an extremely precise electronic vacuum level sensor and has an adjustable digital output as well as an analog output.

The PSD100 has mounting accessories on option, making it very easy to installing.

Ultra compact, Ultra clear.

Measure, control, inform: 
3 functions in a mini format
30 x 30 x 25mm: To better integrate your machines.

. 3-colour digital LCD display, easy readability.
. 6 pressure units available(kPa, bar, psi, inHg, mmHg, kgf/cm2).
. PNP version:
- 1 PNP digital output (NO or NC).
- 1 analog output (1-5V).
. PNP2 version: 2 PNP digital outputs (NO or NC).
. Double display showing the measured value and threshold value at the same time.
. "Key lock function" with indicator light, «Lock» mode with light indicator to prevent an accidental misadjustment.
. "Power-save function" with indicator light.
. 3 mounting solutions.

 CAD drawing

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