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The new range of Heavy Duty multistage vacuum pumps, the CMS HD Series.

The Vacuum Power you need, where you need it

The new range of Heavy Duty multistage vacuum pumps, the CMS HD Series. COVAL's CMS HD series of multi-stage Heavy Duty vacuum pumps for industry specific applications are the result of many years of listening to and getting feedback from manufacturers, integrators, and users in the food, packaging, and robotics industries.
The CMS HD multi-stage vacuum pumps meet their expectations in terms of power, robustness, ease of use, and modularity, while remaining compact and lightweight.
=> For simplified integration, this range of vacuum pumps includes versions with vacuum and blowoff control.

. Robust: resistant to the harsh environments of production lines
. High performance: optimized multi-stage Venturi system that guarantees powerful suction flow rates and reduced compressed air consumption.
. Modular: configurable according to needs and easy maintenance.

Discover the Heavy Duty multi-stage vacuum pumps, CMS HD Series

Main Specifications (depending on version)
. 80% vacuum
. 3 powerful suction flow rates:
   - CMSHD90X50__ => 700 Nl/min (24.72 SCFM)
   - CMSHD90X100__ => 1100 Nl/min (38.85 SCFM)
   - CMSHD90X150__ => 1600 Nl/min (56.50 SCFM)
. With or without vacuum and blow-off control
. Vacuum control: NC, NO
. One 5-pin connector
. 3 exhaust configurations
. IP65 protection rating
. Designed for 50 million cycles

Choice of 3 equipment options for the exhaust
. Diffuser: ultra-compact
. Through-type silencer: reduction of the noise level (-10 dBA ompared to a diffuser), non-clogging
. Exhaust collector: G1" female connection
The exhaust options are delivered in-line but, depending on the environment, they can be positioned by the user on the front panel.

The CMS HD multi-stage vacuum pumps have been designed to ithstand the demands from all your applications and to guarantee high level of performance. However, handling certain parts may require replacement or cleaning.
The modular design of the CMS HD multi-stage pumps ensures easy maintenance as the functions are all easily accessible.

The CMS HD Heavy Duty vacuum pumps are the result of more than 35 years of collaboration between COVAL and industrialists from all sectors.
They fully meet their requirements: Robustness, Performance and Modularity.

Discover CMS HD range

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