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FlowPack Suction Cups, FPC Series

Soft bag suction cup, FPC series (Flowpack, Doypack)

FPC Series Suction Cup - Portrait of a Specialist!
The universal suction cup for all types of FlowPack packaging.

FPC stands for FlowPack Cup: COVAL's new suction cup is fully dedicated to handling FlowPack packaging. A real technological breakthrough for a constantly evolving packaging method.

FlowPack now has its very own suction cup

FlowPack packaging provides many advantages:
• Direct food contact
• Large visible area to show the products
• Great number of applications in various industries: fresh fruits and vegetables, food processing industry, cosmetics, laboratories, and more
• High production rates and low cost

However, when it comes to vacuum handling, flexibility is an absolute challenge, since it implies a high risk of leakage and potentially poor product gripping or the need to compensate with high power.

COVAL has taken up this challenge with the FPC series suction cup. It is specifically designed ultra-flexible packaging and will "stick to the product" regardless of shape or material. As a result, it is able to handle very high production rates.

To achieve this, COVAL has worked with packaging machine manufacturers, taking into consideration their constraints and submitting its designs to real-life tests.

The FPC Series is based on three major innovations:
1. Thin and wavy flower-shaped lips that perfectly mold to the packaging, whatever the shape.
2. Internal cleats that allow for optimized vacuum while preventing any crushing and also strengthen the hold on the product being handled.
3. Fittings featuring a lateral vacuum distributor that prevent any loss in efficiency when the product is held.
4. Materials: Food-grade silicone and plastic insert meets FDA and CE standards. 

What makes the difference?
A Comprehensive Range
• Available in three sizes:
- Round, Ø35 mm, 1.5 bellows
- Round, Ø60 mm
- Elliptical, 120 x 100 mm
• Materials: Blue silicone suction cups, plastic fittings
FPC suction cups are compatible with FDA food standards (FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.) and meet the European regulation (EC) 1935/2004.
• Two levels of flexibility: 35 and 50 Shore

Withstands High Production Rates
• Its gripping quality allows for high production rates
• No interruption in the packaging line due to faulty gripping

• The FPC Series suction cup is made of silicone, a material that is recommended for its temperature resistance and food safety. The plastic fittings also conform to food standards.
• The blue color of the suction cup facilitates its detection by visual detection systems on production and packaging lines.

Energy Savings
The airtightness of FPC Series suction cups avoids the need for any oversized vacuum generator, allowing for considerable energy savings.

. FPC products range  

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