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An autonomous solution for reducing energy consumption and increase productivity for industrial vacuum applications


With the LEM, LEM+, LEMAX and LEMAX+ vacuum pumps integrating TWINTECH technology, COVAL introduces a new perspective in the industrial vacuum domain. The association of patented technologies guarantees optimum results, as well as a significant reduction in sound level and air consumption, in a compact and lightweight product.

A solution which revolutionizes the implementation of the industrial vacuum pump :
  thanks to the new generation of miniaturized intelligent components, the LEM, LEM+, LEMAX and LEMAX+ series of vacuum pumps integrate all the necessary functionalities in a single light and compact unit. Compared to traditional solutions, the user no longer needs to select, order and install peripheral components. As well as the integrated intelligent functions, the presence of an M8 or M12 connector, depending on the models, dramatically simplifies the connection, while eliminating investment costs on peripheral modules and reducing wiring time.

Energy savings

Energy savings Exceptional energy savings while increasing productivity. Most pneumatic applications in the industrial sector operate with a compressed-air pressure of between 6 and 8 bar. Thanks to the integrated pressure regulator, whatever the pressure in the supply network, the vacuum pump automatically optimizes consumption at 4 bar in order to guarantee evacuation time at two times faster than multi-stage technology, as well as optimum tool production output. In effect, thanks to the vacuum pumps benefitting from TWINTECH technology, depending on the application, energy savings of more than 50% can be made, with a guarantee of improvement in production tool productivity.        

Noise reduction

A new record in noise reduction: In general the noise level authorized in industrial sectors is 80 dBA, a threshold which is almost reached with traditional vacuum pumps. Thanks to TWINTECH technology and to the new internal design of the nozzles integrated in COVAL vacuum pumps, the noise level is reduced to 60 dBA.    

Return on investment

A guarantee of return on investment for users: The LEM, LEM+, LEMAX and LEMAX+ series vacuum pumps allow substantial energy savings and avoid investment in peripheral modules necessary for the functions required. Therefore they guarantee fast return on investment and a reduction in operating costs.