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PSD - Switch to colours

Vacuum switch with 3-Colour display

PSD - Switch to colours

Switch to colours

PSD Series: vacuum switch with 3-colour display

The new PSD series mini-vacuum switch with display offers easy reading thanks to the size of its screen and its 3-colour display.  It is equipped with an extremely precise electronic vacuum level sensor. Its compactness and lightness facilitate its integration on all machines. It is equipped with an M8 connector which simplifies the wiring and its configuration.

Ultra compact, Ultra clear.

Measure, control, inform
3 functions in a mini format
30 x 30 x 25mm to better integrate your machines.

3-colour digital LCD display, easy readability.
. 6 pressure units available (kPa, bar, psi, inHg, mmHg, kgf/cm2).
. 1 PNP contact output (NO or NC) and 1 analog output (1-5V).
. Double display showing the measured value and threshold value at the same time.
. "Key lock function" with indicator light.
. "Power-save function" with indicator light.
. 3 mounting solutions..
.  CE and RoHS Compliance.

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COVAL, the vacuum where it's needed,
when it's needed

Based in France, COVAL designs, manufactures and commercializes worldwide high performance components and vacuum systems for industrial applications in all the sectors. ISO 9001 V2008 certified company, COVAL innovates worldwide in the field of vacuum handling by optimized vacuum components while integrating reliable and intelligent functions. They are adaptable to all industrial contexts; the objective is to improve the productivity in total security. COVAL references can be found in all main industrial sectors (packaging, automobile, plastics, aeronautic, printing...) where the vacuum handling is significant for the efficiency and productivity. COVAL commercializes its products and services all over the world thanks to its subsidiaries and its authorized distribution network.

Fact & figures:
French manufacturer
Headquarters based in 1986 at Montelier(26), France
Staff: 45 people with an average age of 34 years
Turnover 2012 : 6,7 millions €
30 distributors in France, worldwide distribution network and subsidiaries in EUROPE, North America and South America.
Production site: Montelier (26)

Product ranges:
Vacuum pumps, suction cups, vacuum switches, vacuum grippers, accessories, vacuum lifters, tube lifters.

Your contact:
Stéphane GARCIA
Communication Manager
Tél. : + 33 (0)4 75 60 16 53


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