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MVG Series: Modular Vacuum Gripper

Commercial launch: September 2014

MVG Series: Modular Vacuum Gripper

Main activity sectors:
Pneumatic components manufacture for vacuum handling. 

Applications sectors: 
Packaging - Food processing - Robotics

MVG modular vacuum gripper series: standard made-to- measure.
We know the famous Henri Ford quote: « Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it's black».
The new MVG Modular Vacuum Gripper series by COVAL is quite the opposite. It can be configured to be perfectly adapted to every application, with the technical assistance of the COVAL team. To obtain this result, some important developments have been made.

100% configurable
The first choice offered to the user is the size. The MVG vacuum gripper series is tailored to the desired size. But customization doesn't stop there. To benefit from a perfectly adapted gripper, the customer can also configure:
. The vacuum generators
. The gripping interfaces: foam, suction cups (shapes, diameters, diverse materials)
. The vacuum level control: electronic vacuum switch or vacuum gauge

Precise vacuum management with "multi-zoning"
The MVG Modular Vacuum Gripper series allows the creation of multiple independent gripping zones, which guarantees the optimization of vacuum management:
Increase in vacuum level
. Reduction of leaks
. Drop in energy consumption

This "multi-zoning" is particularly useful for staggered gripping and releasing, handling objects of different formats, or optimization of palletizing layers.

Economy at all level
The high degree of adaptability of this MVG vacuum gripper enables the customer to deal with the majority of situations without having to install several grippers together. For the company, the benefit is threefold: less investment, reduced weight which allows the use of smaller robots and, last but not least, energy savings.  

Activity fields
Packaging, plastics, metal, glass, wood, concrete/rocks...

MVG - what makes the difference?
The Modular Vacuum Gripper, composed of subsections, allows us to offer a customized solution of vacuum grippers for gripping objects of different sizes, shapes and weights.                  
. Customized dimensions
. Selection of gripping zones
. Compactness and lightness
. Adaptation to products to be handled (choice of gripping interfaces)
. Adaptation to installation (different types of vacuum generators)
. Universal mounting bracket
. Integrated functions.
. Simple installation and use

Interview with Fabrice Beynet, export sales representative at COVAL, originator of the vacuum gripper project.
"In order to design this new vacuum gripper we simply asked our clients what they wanted"

Question: Why create this new product when a vacuum gripper already exists in your range?
Fabrice Beynet : We wanted to free our clients from the pressure of having an established format. The CVG has several lengths but only one width: 120 mm. With the MVG series, we can go from 100 x 100 mm to 1200 x 1200 mm. Between these two dimensions, anything is possible. Where we would sometimes have to use three CVG's, just one MVG could be enough.

Question: Does this mean important savings in terms of investment for the customer?
Fabrice Beynet: Yes, and not only because he can reduce the number of vacuum grippers. He also gains approx. 30% in weight and size. Less weight means less power needed to operate, thus the possibility of using a smaller and less expensive robot.  

Question: Saving which can help reduce the operating costs for the customer?
Fabrice Beynet: The big innovation of the MVG series is the possibility of dividing the gripper into different zones. Vacuum can be generated only where it is needed, on a precise part of the gripping area. Why generate 100% vacuum when only 40% is necessary? As if in a house we had just one switch for all the rooms. It's unthinkable!  The « zoning » of the vacuum is very useful for staggered gripping and releasing or for the optimization of palletization layers.

Question: If you had to summarize the qualities of this MVG, what would you say?
Fabrice Beynet: The « right innovation », meaning the innovation which is 100% efficient. The MVG responds perfectly to any problem raised by customers.

COVAL, vacuum where it's needed, when it's needed.
COVAL is the French leader on vacuum handling. Based at the Rhône Alpes Region, COVAL SAS designs, manufactures and commercializes high performance components and vacuum systems worldwide, for industrial applications in all sectors of activity. A certified ISO 9001 V2008 company, COVAL innovates in vacuum handling on a worldwide basis with optimized components, integrating smart and reliable functions. Adaptable to all industrial contexts, its solutions have safe improved productivity as its highest prority. COVAL products are present in the main industrial sectors (packaging, automobile, plastics, aeronautics, food processing...), where vacuum handling is crucial for efficiency and productivity. COVAL commercializes its products and services worldwide with the help of the five subsidiaries (Germany, China, Spain, Italy, USA) and its authorized distribution network. 

Facts and figures
The Company
French company created in 1986
. Workforce : 50 employees
. 2013 Turnover: 6,7 million €
. 30 distributors in France
. 5 subsidiaries: Germany, China, Spain, Italy, USA
. Production sites and headquarters: Montélier (26), France

Its products
Ejectors, Suction cups, Vacuum switches, Vacuum grippers, Accessories, Vacuum lifters and Tube lifters.

Stéphane GARCIA
 Tel: + 33 (0)4 75 60 16 53 


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