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CVG Vacuum gripper

It adapts to everything, specially to your needs

CVG Vacuum gripper

CVG series vacuum gripper :

It adapts to everything, especially to your needs

The first COVAL vacuum gripper was created in the nineties.
Since then, industrialist requirements have changed a lot, in particular in terms of use flexibility. The new CVG helps COVAL to meet its clients' needs thanks to its adaptability, simplicity and saving.


When we talk about a vacuum gripper that is «good for doing everything», there's a loss of efficiency. Today industrialists are looking for a tool capable of adapting itself to precise situations. That's why the CVG series vacuum have a modular design. 

CVG series are composed of standard subassemblies allowing us to propose a « made to measure » solution, responding to the applications and concerns of integrators and users (compactness, integration, flexibility, speed and saving).
The user has the choice between three standard lengths (424, 624, 824 mm), three generator sizes, two plate technologies (foam or suction cups) with two types of gripping point distribution, a flow rate control by check valves or flow resistors, and four solutions for vacuum monitoring.
Multiple combinations enable the gripper to adjust to "just necessary" with the notions of investment management and overall running costs.  

Naturally, COVAL's experience as a Vacuum manager guides the user to the configuration best adapted to its process. We test our products in real-life.

Diversified applications
The CVG vacuum grippers are present in numerous industries, such as packaging, plastics, metals, wood, etc... Thanks to their modularity which take into account the specific constraints of numerous products.

CVG, what makes the difference 
. Modularity: a large number of possible combinations for perfect adaptability to each process
.Compactness: all functions are integrated on the gripper
Adaptability:use in different industrial sectors

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COVAL, the vacuum where it's needed, when it's needed

Based in France, COVAL designs, manufactures and commercializes worldwide high performance components and vacuum systems for industrial applications in all the sectors. ISO 9001 V2008 certified company, COVAL innovates worldwide in the field of vacuum handling by optimized vacuum components while integrating reliable and intelligent functions. They are adaptable to all industrial contexts; the objective is to improve the productivity in total security. COVAL references can be found in all main industrial sectors (packaging, automobile, plastics, aeronautic, printing...) where the vacuum handling is significant for the efficiency and productivity. COVAL commercializes its products and services all over the world thanks to its subsidiaries and its authorized distribution network.

Fact & figures:
French manufacturer
Headquarters based in 1986 at Montelier(26), France
Staff: 45 people with an average age of 34 years
Turnover 2012 : 6,7 millions €
30 distributors in France, worldwide distribution network and subsidiaries in EUROPE, North America and South America.
Production site: Montelier (26)

Product ranges:
Vacuum pumps, suction cups, vacuum switches, vacuum grippers, accessories, vacuum lifters, tube lifters.

Your contact:
Stéphane GARCIA
Communication Manager
Tél. : + 33 (0)4 75 60 16 53


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