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Customized Vacuum grippers, CVG series
With the CVG series, COVAL introduces the universal solution of the vacuum gripper: flexible, simple and economic.
Handling objects of different sizes, shapes and weights is no longer a complex, expensive and laborious task. With a single CVG module, easily integrated into the process, the user can carry out random gripping of different pieces in a simple and safe way. We offer a full range of standard and customized vacuum chambers, fit with foam mats or suction cups for scalable applications.

The CVG series are fi tted with standard sub-units which allow offering a customized solution and fit to the applications and requirements of the integrators and users:
. Compact
. Lightweight
. Integrated functions
. Modularity
. Performance
. Ease of use
. Universal mounting
  • CVGL
    Compact and Light Vacuum Grippers, CVGL Series