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Vacuum pumps High flow

GE Series

Pompe à vide grand débit pour imprimerie-graphique GE COVAL GE series vacuum pumps are capable of developing a very powerful suction flow, even at high vacuum levels, making it possible to grip porous products such as paper, cardboard or wood.

GE series vacuum pumps are particularly suitable for applications in the graphic art industry, printing industry and paper and wood industries.


• COVAL has developed a specific Venturi profile capable of providing very powerful suction flows and high levels of vacuum, thus obtaining particularly fast response times
• Without membranes or other internal moving parts, the GE series pumps are unaffected by dust and can be installed without filtration
GE series pumps are completely static and need no servicing (no mechanical parts, no lubricant and no filter replacement)
• Silent operation thanks to the specific venturi profile and to the through-type silencer